What is “Weed Country”?

That seems to be central to the next obvious question: What is a Weed Country Adventure?
But those questions are shrouded in some pretty serious questions like: When did America become less than great? Or what do you mean when you say things like that? Let’s start with the easy ones.

Weed Country was a TV show, but it is and was more than that. It is the idea of a place where weed or marijuana or any other number of monikers if you will, is considered normal. A part of everyday life. Our Country used to be that pre 1937 but I am getting ahead of myself.

So to us “Weed Country” is everywhere we go because weed is a normal part of our life and we feel it is a superior choice to alcohol, which has it’s own sullied and political past, and now is actually promoted by society. And also superior as medicine to the irresponsible and profit driven medical system in place where most have NEVER even heard of our “Endo Cannabinoid System” which is the major regulatory system in our body.

So a Weed Country Adventure is always a human encounter away. Doing our normal thing and educating people about why we believe what we do.

I have no idea what people think or how many interpretations there are to “Make America Great Again”. I also have no idea how many implications there are either. But as a person who knows the science, history, and politics of marijuana, I know that when I hear that phrase, I accept that we have lost our way and made mistakes. And although we are the greatest country on earth, or we believe we are, given our understanding and experience, I believe that 1937 was the exact date when we became less great.

We did it to ourselves! That’s when they outlawed the greatest plant on earth so they could extract our wealth from us. It’s a fascinating story I first learned about from Jack Herer in “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, About Mr. Schlicten who had invented what would have been to hemp what Mr. Whitneys machine was to cotton. It showed the evidence in correspondence and then went on to show how a major publication, which is still around was either stupid or got gamed like everyone else.

Popular Mechanics, in a story that was written in the spring of 1937 and on a cover in 1938 after hemp or “marijuana” had been outlawed; predicted that hemp would be a billion dollar a year crop. That is 1937 dollars and 1937 science and understanding. Imagine the world we would be living in had we not had marijuana taken away from us by a handful of people all those years ago? Hemp can make everything that crude oil can, but it isn’t centralized.
People weren’t sitting at green lights in 1937 or ending up on heroin after a joint.
Marijuana’s only crime was that it could give humans everything they need to live and grows everywhere humans can live. Not a good equation for capitalists who had all of their money in timber and oil.

How did they get the church on board given Col 1:15 or any other number of verses we could delve into? Weed Country isn’t left or right. It isn’t liberal or conservative.
It isn’t a denomination or a cult. It is just the America that used to be and if we can have anything to do with it, will be again.

Weed Country Adventures: Making America Weed Country Again. Which would be really great, believe me.

-Mike Boutin