In my first two blogs we covered the authorities and the business interests against hemp, but the third and final leg to the prohibition triad is the church.
How was the church corrupted into carrying water for policies that make Jesus weep?
Well in many cases, peoples understanding of “faith” is more political than spiritual.
They sort of become moralists and very unhappy people because society as a whole cares little for what they claim to believe.
They never make it look attractive enough because it is legalistic in nature and they are trying to work it out in their flesh.

Real faith frees people from the confines of flesh and dogma.
For example the Apostle Paul in his letter to the church in Rome talks about the very real struggle of having two natures in chapter 7, one good and one bad that a person with real faith struggles with.

If you were a mere pagan, there would be no struggle now would there?
But the thing that Paul gets across is this idea that you become holy and pious and clean and above reproach upon conversion, is anything but true.
To try the high wire act that is the “perfect christian” is a white knuckled faith that fears it will be found lacking and makes those people miserable.

So I am ok with a faith that involves some self loathing. It’s a rubber meets the road faith that allows for real ministry instead of made up programs that just jerk peoples emotional buttons and pretend there is no such thing as sin among us.

In one of our local communities, some pastors got together with law enforcement officials and tried to tell the community that if they didn’t vote for a tax levy to fund law enforcement, they were not acting in line with Gods will and used this same book I speak of later on in chapter 13 where the Apostle talks about people submitting to the authorities because they are instituted by God.

Ok fair enough, uh but infallible? No sign of any blowback toward the authorities either political or religious in Jesus’s day or the Bible?
Nonsense then, let alone today.
Go look up how many times Jesus asked the religious leaders of his day “Haven’t you read?” Challenging their understanding of what they claimed God to be saying from the Torah.

What’s changed? Nothing folks. Not God, not humans, not politics, none of it.

Nowhere in the Bible is a verse of any kind that can suggest, imply or be taken to mean that the great fallen angel satan can create anything. He can counterfeit what already exists, but to create is to make something new out of nothing in existence prior.
Simply rearranging the furniture is not being the creator of it. I have had these types suggest marijuana is part of the fall, but that is hard to believe because what is listed is all negative outcomes.
Marijuana in all of it’s uses is a windfall, not a punishment, so when these people proffer such an uninvestigated claim their credibility further erodes as teachers of the faith.

So what am I to make of a Bible that teaches me God takes care of his creation? Col 1:15
A Bible that teaches me God created everything and proclaimed it was good? Gen 1:29
An anointing oil recipe in Exodus 30 that contains: cannabis, cinnamon, myrrh and olive oil?
Hebrew linguist Sula Benet has proven that calumus is a mistranslation and instead it should be kaneh bosum which is a two sexed reed, or cannabis ergo marijuana.

Modern science bears out the value of this oil as it heals skin disease and many other maladies.
The cannabinoids suspended in olive oil are helped into the skin by the cinnamon (ancient icy/hot) and kept from congealing by the myrrh.
I have made this oil and it is indeed medical and scientifically amazing.

So you would expect that with all of this in mind, and the fact that cannabis can grow everywhere humans can live and can give humans everything they need to live, why don’t they see design and purpose in light of these verses?

Kind of weird. The church should be right there with us demanding full repeal of criminal sanctions against marijuana and begging for mercy from God for being better followers of a political lie than a historic faith.
Humans and marijuana are symbiotic. My Bible proves it, but I have a big G God who has asked me to suffer so others do not have to.
A Stalinist interpretation of Romans 13 allows for people to suffer greatly under the prohibition of a plant that God put here for our highest use and to say other wise is blasphemy.
I will never submit to an “authority” who knows so little about marijuana, the God who created it, or me to think that they can prohibit it’s use.
Food, fuel, clothing, housing, medicine, and yes God not forbid good cheer and introspection.