Economic Coup d’état



When we last talked about hemp, it was being outlawed in 1937 in what I refer to as a “barrier to commerce”. You were required to have a tax stamp. To get the tax stamp you had to have marijuana, but to have it without a tax stamp was illegal.

This law was later proven in court to be illegal and so for a short time in the late 60’s there was no law against marijuana until the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 solidified the illegality and began a dramatic and steep rise in arrests and prisoner population in our country to this day.

This country of ours jails more people than countries we bemoan as civil rights violators, like China. We have 5% of the worlds population, but 25% of the worlds prisoners.
Mostly non violent drug offenses.

Something is wrong here, but what is it? The answer is always found by following the money. Remember I said “they” and talked about capitalists invested in timber and oil? Nothing has changed in our country, those who can afford to pay for government get it. Timber cannot compete with hemp. Oil cannot compete with hemp.

Once the machine that took the labor out of hemp was invented, it created a crisis for the capitalists and so they bought the illegality from the politicians and cemented it in the minds of the public with slick ad campaigns full of racism and gross scientific error. So what did we lose?

When you examine the fact that out of every barrel of crude oil that we import or use from domestic supply, only one third of every barrel is used to create fuel of ALL kinds. Every liquid combustible fuel is included. The other two thirds are used to create chemical feed stocks that we use to make products that we buy to put in us, on us and around us.
All while hemp through the miracle of chemistry can make all of these same products and more. Safely.

Weird right? Yes, because think of the two countries here: The one we have and the one we could have had. The one we have is one in which we have to pay for everything we need because no one really has their own oil well with few exceptions. The one where we police the world and the oil is controlled by piggish human beings who create things out of folly in a desert environment and pollute the world.
The other world would have been one in which we didn’t need middle eastern oil, let alone Pennsylvania, Texas or Oklahoma oil. We didn’t need the Ewings or anyone like them.
In the other world, anyone with acreage could have created wealth for themselves growing hemp for every imaginable purpose under the sun.

You can call me crazy all you want, but where I come from, that all looks like an economic bloodless Coup d’état.

Peak oil has come and gone, but peak hemp is an oxy moron.