54.4 F
Gold Hill, Oregon
Sunday, October 22, 2017

WCA Scenic stretch

The highlights of last weekends trip between Takelma Park and Tou Velle Park on the Fabulous Rogue River in S. Oregon.


Another trip down the "Nugget Run" only we put in @ Tou Velle park and floated 11 miles instead of 5.

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Grandmas Run Fail

  Ended up in a bad spot on a serious rapid. Live to raft another day.

River gives life and it takes it away…

  Gearing up for big water on the Rogue. Dry suit shake down, first float of the year.

Main Falls Tilomikh

  So much water it was hard to see the entry to the main chute of Tilomikh Falls. Almost made a disastrous entry into some rocks, but I pulled...

NuggetFalls X3

  Ran Nugget Falls 3 times in one day. First day out this year and I was really tired by the time we hit it for the third...

Fool runs Muggers Alley above 5000 cfs in a BIG boat

  We ran Muggers Alley in a 16 footer and didn't get mugged! So much fun. Out with Thomas Watters doing the falls all day. 1st of 3 runs.

Hundreds of strokes and a nap later…

  Getting the raft ready to go.

Under the Falls

  Sitting in the hole below Tilomikh Falls soaking up some spray.